About Me

Hello. I guess who want to know who I am! FUN!

I believe myself to be an interesting person. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look that way on paper…see for yourself. Just the stereotypical 20-year-old-girl basics.

University of Washington Student

Aspiring Nurse Midwife

Cello Player

Active Runner — with an ED, it’s a little tricky tho.

Wannabe Yogi

Aspiring Gardener — I currently only have two plants and 50% of the lot is dying…

Cook — I love creating my own recipes!!

Sister, Daughter, Girlfriend, Aunt — I’m a family girl. (heart heart)



Eating Disorder Warrior

Reader, Writer, Singer

Fashionable on a budget


*this list is temporary. I am certain I will only be a CNA for so long (God forbid!!), I will soon graduate from the U-Dub, and possibly begin to despise the sun–but actually NOT.

What do you think? Am I cool yet?

I like getting to know people and their daily hobbies. I can learn from them, and they can learn from me.

Free cello lessons in return for some gardening tips!

IMG_8663 Me looking all farmers-markety and shit.

BUT. What we do in our daily life is just basic surface stuff. I am so much more than a list of hobbies. And so are YOU. We are intricate, complicated, and elaborate beings.

I like cooking, but Boy Oh Boy! It’s a struggle. So why do I like it? That is the complicated part.

Who are YOU? What do YOU do?

My quest for you is to dig deeper into why you do certain activities? What void does it fill?

Happy to meet ya.

XoXo, McCaleb